14 Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Beauty hacks are meant to make your life easier because let’s face it…life can be chaotic sometimes. There are a ton of easy, cost-saving (and headache-preventing) beauty hacks that can come to your aid when you find yourself in a pinch.

After all, what woman hasn’t run out of makeup remover and had to improvise on the spot? Or perhaps needed a quick solution for breaking in new shoes? We’ve all been there. So we’ve gathered some of the best ones and have listed them for you below. Because after all, sharing is caring. Here ya go!

1. Mineral oil = makeup remover

Mineral oil can be used to remove any makeup including eyeliner and shadow, lipstick, and foundation. A medium-sized container costs around two bucks at Walgreens. It’s non-greasy, removes all makeup, and it is moisturizing.

So instead of spending $5-7 on fancy makeup remover by Revlon, give it a try. The formula is completely “tug-less” and removes ALL makeup. It’s non-irritating and won’t sting.

2. Prevent those nose sunglass lines

If you plan to be out for a few hours, consider taking a bit of translucent powder and applying it to your nose using a damp beauty blender pad.

Only apply to powder on your nose where the glasses will lay. It’s also helpful to meticulously dab a small amount of powder on the portion of the sunglasses where they’ll sit on your nose.

3. Stop that smudging mascara

If smudging mascara annoys you to no end, I know that you are not alone. One simple trick with this is to simply apply a good setting spray on your face after you apply your mascara, make sure to spray it over your eyes so that it covers the areas beneath your eyes. You can also use a translucent powder here as well too.

4. Hair Conditioner = shaving cream

Conditioner used as a shaving cream is one of the most effective tricks you probably didn’t know about. It works with any kind of conditioner and doesn’t dry your skin as some shaving creams may.

5. Save that “ruined” makeup compact

Have you ever lost your blush or eyeshadow? Next time, mix a little bit of rubbing alcohol into the compact and it will become a smooth paste. Then let it rest for at least an hour before transferring it to a small bowl. You will love your new “refurbished” powder.

6. Prevent blisters from new shoes with deodorant

We all love new shoes, but we hate putting on said new shoes. And sometimes you simply don’t have time to break them in the way that you want. Well, here’s a great way to avoid blisters next time you get a new pair of heels. Simply apply a little to the back and soles of your shoes.

For the best results, use a clear gel deodorant. And you can also apply a hairdryer (on a low setting) to your new shoes for about 3-5 minutes to help loosen them up (best for leather shoes).

7. A DIY dry lip scrub

Have dry lips in the winter? Try mixing a tablespoon of sugar with two teaspoons of coconut oil and rub the mixture on your lips. Instantly, your lips will feel super-soft and much smoother.

8. Tame flyaways with a toothbrush

It can be difficult to achieve a neat style or bun when flyaway hairs simply won’t fight the wind. Next time, apply a bit of hairspray to your hair and then use a disposable toothbrush to get rid of the untamed stray hairs.

9. Mascara wands for superb eyebrows

Sometimes, eyebrows can just get out of control. This is where mascara wands can save the day. If you prefer not to use gel or hair mousse on your brows (as some women do), try a little mascara. After applying mascara to your lashes, wipe the brush and brush your eyebrows. This trick will add some pigment to your hair while keeping them in place.

10. Heat that eyelash curler

Want to get better and faster curls with your lash curler, heat it up. Use a blow dryer on the highest setting to heat your eyelash curler for about 5-7 seconds. Once it is heated, apply it to your lashes. Be extra careful not to apply it to your eyelids. You don’t want to end up in the ER (it’s sooooo expensive).

11. Aloe vera gel can be a saving grace

If you have dry skin, try applying aloe vera nightly. Aloe vera gel is amazing for smoothing the skin and it can also keep acne at bay. Apply the gel 10-15 minutes before you go to bed. Wash it off the next morning. It can reduce the size of your zits and works well as an easy spot treatment.

12. Use a spoon for those puffy eyes

Puffy eyes are common for anyone who’s lacking sleep or has lymph drainage issues. It’s often caused by swelling of the eye muscles. But, there’s a remedy for this.

Next time you wake up a bit puffy, place a cold spoon on your eyes for five minutes to soothe tired eye muscles. The coolness of the metal will reduce puffiness and swelling. If your puffiness is caused by lymph drainage issues, try a lymphatic massage.

13. Vinegar/lemon juice cocktail as a polish remover

Out of nail polish remover with a hand full of chipped nails? Don’t fret! Next time this happens, mix vinegar and lemon juice mixed in equal amounts apply it to a cotton ball. Use it to remove your polish and thank us later!

14. Extend your perfume’s holding time

It is best to apply perfume to your clothes, as it helps them last longer. But if you prefer to apply it to your skin, such as behind your ear or on your pulse points, apply Vaseline or oil (such as coconut, oil, jojoba, or almond) before. This will help to keep the fragrance on your skin longer.

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