Ways To Make Smoothies With A “Non-Noisy” Blender

For a lot of people, living a healthy lifestyle means incorporating smoothies into their daily routine. However, hearing the loud buzzing from a blender in the morning can make for a pretty rude awakening, especially if you’re an avid smoothie drinker–or someone who lives in the house of an avid smoothie drinker.

So what can you do? Well, you can try to find ways to dampen the noise coming from your blender, or you can simply purchase a more quiet blender.

In this post, We’ll discuss a few ways that you can quiet your current blender, as well as list the best “silent” blenders available on the market today.

1. Don’t place your blender directly on the counter

The majority of the noise from your blender comes from the motor located on its base. This noise then bounces off your countertop to your entire kitchen and living space. To minimize this, place your blender on top of a silicon mat or quilted hot pad when you are ready to use it.

A dishtowel folded or an old mousepad in a pinch will work. Dense fabrics and materials will absorb noise from the motor and result in a more quiet blending experience.

2. Mix large batches the night before

If you’re concerned about disrupting the peace with your rumbling blender, you might consider running it when it is least likely to disturb others. Consider making your morning smoothie the night before while everyone is still up.

Make several batches and freeze them overnight. This way, you’ll have your favorite blender recipes ready for you whenever you need them.

Note: It’s best to consume unthawed smoothies within 24-48 hours.

3. Use a blender silencer

Many blender covers are available on the market that can be used to muffle the annoying motor sound of a blender. Most covers are made from thick, strong plastic to encapsulate the sound.

This is a great solution, but they don’t come cheap. Blender covers can cost over $250–and for plastic, that can be a bit much.

A store-bought cover may not be within your budget. But there are cheaper and easier DIY options.

To soften the sound of your blender’s operation, try wrapping it in a thick, fluffy towel. Or, create your own cover using cut-up pieces of a yoga mat and PVC film.

4. Don’t buy cheap blenders

One common inclination when purchasing blenders is to choose one with the lowest price. Avoid low-cost blenders when looking for a blender, as they can be some of the noisiest ones on the market. A good blender is a bit of an investment.

And it’s possible that the initial cost of the blender may be relatively low, but it will end up costing you more to use it over time or to replace it. You can get a Ninja for about $100. And not necessarily the quietest blender, but you’ll get a good run for your money.

5. Purchase a silent blender

If all else fails and you’d really prefer to just get a quieter blender, your best option may be to get a silent blender. Although a silent blender can be quite expensive, it could be the solution you are looking for.

Remember that a quiet blender doesn’t necessarily mean it makes NO noise.
It just means that the buzzing sound of the silent blender isn’t loud enough to bother your ears or disturb anyone.

When buying a blender, keep in mind that the motor, blades, and blending ingredients are the main sources of noise.

This means that your blender will make more noise if you’re blending frozen fruits or hard vegetables–something you simply can’t avoid unless you only use fresh produce. However, the plastic enclosure will greatly reduce this noise.

Ok, now on to the blenders…..

3 Best Quiet Blenders On The Market

If you’re a blending connoisseur, you may simply want to purchase a quiet blender instead of having to change your routine or build your own sound-dampening cover. So here are a few of the best ones available today according to online reviews.

1. Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender

The Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Mixer has excellent blending power and an effective noise reduction insulative cover. The enclosure also serves as a convenient pitcher for your smoothies and drinks.

Tight airflow around the motor and its rubber-mounted components to dampen any noise during while it’s in operation.

And it’s definitely not lacking in the power department. The motor’s 2.0 peak horsepower propels stainless steel blades at speeds of over 105 mph, allowing them to crush ice, frozen fruits, and other difficult ingredients in seconds.

This blender has rubber-mounted components and a motor with optimal airflow. It also features a removable shield. You can use the quiet shield as a pitcher.

It blends smoothies effortlessly, makes delicious soups, chops, blends vegetables and fruits, and even purees hot soups. You can control the speed dial to ensure restaurant-quality results and choose from pre-programmed smoothies, ice crush, or puree settings. All parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

2. Vitamix Quiet One Blender

This Vitamix unit produces less noise (only 84 decibels) than a typical commercial blender. The blender uses vibration dampening technology and has a plastic sound enclosure that protects its blending container.

The Quiet One may be the best choice for you if you want to create a pleasant environment for your customers and staff.

The blender features 6 program buttons, 34 pre-programmed programs, and had and multiple speeds. You can make smoothies, frozen drinks, as well as spreads, gravies, sauces, and nut butter.

3. Blendtec Professional 800 Blender

The Blendtec 800 is one of the quietest and most powerful blenders available today. It’s housed in a clear, almost completely sound-proof plastic enclosure that’s BPA-free and impact resistant.

As a high-quality blender, the Blendtec unit can make smoothies, shakes, fancy cocktails (for that Tuesday in-home happy hour), tasty nut butter, soups, and ice cream. It also makes soups, juices, smoothies, cocktails, margaritas, snow cones, and other frozen treats.

The blender has 11 different speeds and an easy-to-use touch interface. In summary, it blends fast, quietly and has enough power to crush ice and frozen produce in just a few seconds.


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