Is Your Eyebrow Shaping Routine Ruining Your Eyebrows?

Eyebrow shaping plays a major role in personal grooming, for both women and men. Perfectly arched brows can transform your eyes, making you look more polished and giving them more definition. Sometimes all you need is a quick pluck, tweezing, or snip, in addition to a bit of brow gel or filler.

But which techniques are harmful and which are helpful? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this piece, we will discuss the best shape for your eyebrows specifically, brow practices to avoid, and the steps to get your eyebrows in the right track.

3 Most Common Eyebrow Shaping Methods:

Tweezing – The best way to remove stray hairs–and it’s perfect for precision.
The Razor – A quick fix for a few minutes, but is only temporary.
Waxing – Stretches your skin but keeps hair away longer.

What is the best shape for your eyebrows?

Begin with “brow mapping”. Don’t try to shape your eyebrows without brow mapping. Mapping is simply identifying three key areas of your eyebrows and marking them with brow makeup to make them easier to clean up.

To determine where your eyebrows should begin, use your brow pencil to trace a straight line starting at the crook of your nose and ending at your brow. Locate the arch of your eyebrows by drawing a line from your nose to the iris of your eyes to the tip of your brow. Use your pencil to point from your nose towards the end of your eyebrow, and draw the line where the tail of your brow should be.

Let’s discuss 2 of the most common eyebrow issues:

Issue: Unruly, over-plucked brows.

Solution: Brow Make-Up

Don’t panic! Your eyebrows may not be as full as you’d like at the moment. But patience and a good eyebrow pencil can help you get your eyebrows back in place. This process can take anywhere between a few weeks or several months.

You should ensure that your eyebrow product is the correct color. Brow products can be either powder or gel. Your brows are usually darker than your hair. For the best results, match your brows with your hair.

To avoid overdrawn eyebrows, you should hold the tool gently. The more you hold the pencil in your hand, the lighter and more natural-looking your strokes will appear.

You can mimic the direction of hair growth by using small, light strokes. Be especially careful around the inner corners and edges. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating an unnatural, blotchy look. Keep a Q-Tip on deck to blend lines and correct any mistakes. And to support growth, apply brow conditioner once you’re satisfied with your shape.

Issue: Unshaped, overgrown brows

Solution: Tweeze and shape

A thicker brow is better than a thin one, so give your thick brows some shape. Make sure you clean up your brows as instructed. After you’ve mapped your eyebrows, use a spoolie to brush them up. Finally, trim any excess hairs along your top edge using a small, curved, round-tipped brow scissor. But don’t pull on the hairs too much and just trim them.

Quick tips:

  1. Use a pair of tweezers to remove any hairs below or above your eyebrows.
  2. Apply gel or powder to set unruly eyebrows in place. Keep everything neat and symmetrical.
  3. Always take your time when reshaping hair. You can take more out, but once it is pulled, it’s gone.

Steps To Creating The Perfect Brow Shape

Here are the 3 steps to level up your brow shaping capability.

Step 1. Evaluate Your Specific Brow Shape

It’s always best to stick to the Natural shape of the brow. You can use your tweezers to help guide you and show you where to begin. Align your tweezers with the top bridge of your nose. How old is Teresa there and start angling it upward and the same direction as the peak of your eyebrow this will give you a straight line that is natural-looking.

Step 2. Align and then Tweeze

It’s easy to shape your eyebrows by following a few guidelines. The rule of thumb is to tweeze around every four to six weeks–and no more than that. Then, tweeze a few stray strands outside of its needed–less is more.

The most important thing is to get rid of the magnifying glass. You simply see too much. It’s like a make-believe game where you sacrifice your shape to see a few hairs people wouldn’t normally see.

Trim only when absolutely necessary. Vucetaj didn’t even use her scissors to trim my eyebrows. It should be last. And you need to take care when choosing the right scissors. Use a long blade. Note that it will be difficult to stop and continue chopping if your eyebrows are too short to begin with. This is how you may them uneven by accident. The arch is not to be trimmed.

Step 3. Fill your Brows

Finally, fill it up. Keep the look natural by not filling in too much at the center of the brows. If your brows are more sparse you can add a bit of pencil. Trace the bottom of your brow. Make the arch more prominent by adding a little color to it and then brushing it through. Nex, fill in the middle. This will keep it from looking too much like a tattoo.

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